Bout of Books Day 3

Challenge: Show Me Your Precious


This is my copy of Gone with the Wind I got from my mom for Christmas one year. This is one of her favorite books and when I told her I wanted to read it she bought me this copy. As you can see, I have a lot of post-its in this book because I read it as the first book of a book club with some friends of mine. This is a beautiful book filled with personally beautiful memories and I love this so much.


After a little bit of sleeping in I went ahead and finished up the end of The Bingo Palace. I26135825.jpg read 30 pages this morning, just laying in bed and relaxing. I gave the book 4 stars on Goodreads and I am so glad this was my first Louise Erdrich. This book was leant to me by my mother but I own three more of Louise Erdrich’s books and she owns a bookstore in my city that highlights other Native writers. After finishing The Bingo Palace I moved on to my second book of the week, Fun Home by Alison Bechdel. I have had this book for YEARS so I am finally reading it. I know it will be a relatively quick read, I read 50 pages already and there are 240 pages total.

Unfortunately, now I need to get some food and get ready for work. Later tonight I may get more reading done.


After work I got home and got back to Fun Home. I finally finished the book a little bit ago and loved it. I gave it three stars because the topic was sadder than expected. I also had other expectations that this just didn’t quite meet up with. However, I look forward to listening to the music from the musical version and a possible reread soon. Now it is time for bed and more reading will come in the morning!



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