Bout of Books 17 – Days 2 & 3

Ok, so I didn’t post yesterday, WHOOPS! We’ll get to the excuses in a minute but first, lets talk Day 2.

12331767On day 2 I read a little bit of High Rise during my lunch break. The pages are really big on my Nook copy so it was only 3 or 4 pages in my 15 minutes of reading but it felt like so much more.

After work I read The Fireman pretty much all evening between episodes of Angel, because I am scum. I read 50 pages on Tuesday night before I passed out.

Yesterday, I read some more High Rise during lunch. I was able to read more than on day 2 but I still have quite a ways to go before I’m really in it..

25816688After work I went shopping with a friend of mine. We were shopping for her outfit for her Bachelorette Party this weekend. I got back home late and by the time I ate dinner I was exhausted and ready for bed. I didn’t have it in me to post that mediocre reading last night. However I did tell myself I had to read before bed. I read 14 pages of The Fireman before passing out again.

So far I’ve read 19 pages of High Rise and 64 pages of The Fireman. I plan to read a lot more tonight and I got a fun book in the mail earlier this week that I might sneak into my TBR.


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