Bout of Books – Day 6

Well I got way more reading done today!

25573701I started off the day by reading more of Remembrance. I got quite a bit read right away in the morning after I put up my blog post. I’m still not done with it but I’ll definitely finish it today. I am enjoying the adult themes in this compared to the rest of the series. It kind of reminds me of Veronica Mars but with ghosts which just makes it all the more fun. I might try rereading the original series if I can find my books. I forgot how much I loved this series.

Then my friend called me and asked if I wanted to go to Barnes and Noble with her so she could pick up a new book she ordered. Obviously I said yes. We spend most of the time looking at books, dropping off coffee to her fiance at work and grocery shopping. I picked up two books at BN, Hamilton: The Revolution and milk and honey. These are both books I have heard good things about and since I’ve been listening to Hamilton NON-STOP (haha get it?) in my car it felt fitting. My friend told me she meant to get me Hamilton: The Revolution for my birthday but they were all sold out.

26200563After I got done with shopping I had Hebrew homework and a quiz to finish. Once all that was done I started reading through Hamilton: The Revolution. It’s such a fun read with so many interesting facts about the show. I didn’t realize there were so many fun jokes in the show, though some I had caught previously. He also talks about where historical facts come through in songs or where he butchered actual history. This book really makes the show even better and it goes through every song, not just the ones on the cast recording. Now I just need to bribe someone to get me to see it. I read 209 pages of this before moving on for the night.

I did pick up bits and pieces of milk and honey throughout the day as well.23513349 It’s mostly poetry with some prose but every page has little words on it. Nevertheless I’m not interested in rushing through this. I read the first part which is titled “the hurting” and pretty intense if you let it sink in. I’m enjoying this so far. I read 45 pages yesterday before I decided to return to Remembrance. I literally fell asleep reading it, even though again I wanted to stay up late reading. I probably fell asleep at 11 something and woke up again at 1:20am to find myself laying on my comforter with my computer still blaring music.

Today is Sunday, I’ve already read over 50 pages of a book and I expect to finish more stuff today so we’ll see how we finish this.

Totals following…

Books read: 1

Pages read: 616


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