Bout of Books Day 3-5

25573701Haha, whoops! To be frank, I haven’t had a lot of time to do much reading the last few days and even less time to post about it. I’ve only been reading Remembrance and I’m still not halfway through.

My sister flew into town for the week on Wednesday. So after work I went straight to see her and we had dinner with my mom and it was lovely and I read nothing until I got home and got ready for bed. On Day 3 I read 43 pages.

Thursday, I had Hebrew class after work. This is important because I still have homework and a quiz due on Saturday so I felt being a part of this class was important. After I worked on my homework for a while. Then I went swimming, which is my cardio exercise of choice these days. After a shower I got ready for bed and read before falling asleep. On Day 4 I read 40 pages.

Yesterday, after work I had game night with my friends. Every week, usually on Fridays, we get together and play Dungeons and Dragons. Overall we love it and I wouldn’t trade that time with them for anything. So, I did not get any reading done until I got home. I was pretty excited to read a bunch and stay up late since it’s the weekend. Unfortunately I got very sleepy fast and didn’t read much before I passed out. On Day 5 I read 25 pages.

Totals are…

Books read: 1

Pages read: 293

Today I need to finish my homework but I plan to get so much more reading done! It’s the weekend its time to read ALL THE THINGS.


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