Bout of Books – Day 2

So yesterday was not a great reading day.

Straight from work I went to a Chamber of Commerce mixer and didn’t get home until Remembrance (The Mediator, #7)6:30, which isn’t that late but it exhausted me and I just didn’t feel like reading much by then. Plus I have a translation assignment due for my Hebrew class on Saturday and I’ve been working a little bit on that every day. That’s the real priority this week, then make time for reading.

I did make myself read, I read 25 pages from Remembrance after the shower and before falling asleep. I’m pretty bummed that I haven’t done more reading but of course the second this week comes up I get super busy with other work.

To top it off, my sister is coming to visit today so we’ll see how much I’m able to get done while she’s here because I know I’ll just want to spend as much time with her as I can.

Totals so far are:

Books finished: 1

Pages read: 182



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