Bout of Books TBR (And a little #RYBSAT Wrap up)


I know what you’re thinking, “But Anna, this is just your Dewey’s TBR minus the books you read for Dewey’s.” YOU’RE RIGHT!

I already had a perfectly good pile of books and they are great for readathons. They’re all rather quick/consuming books and books I’ve been looking forward to.

Meanwhile I did read and complete The Handmaid’s Tale for #RYBSAT TBR, and I finished it today. Despite the fact that it was the only book I read for that readathon, I am so glad I did. I still think it was a successful week and I am looking forward to so much more reading this week. You can expect a book review sometime soon for The Handmaid’s Tale.

My goal for this week is to read 6 books, there are 6 books in the picture, so I think you can follow where I’m headed. I will update daily with books I’m reading from and page count. These may not be the only books I read from but we shall see what happens.

Happy reading!


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