Shame on me, shame on me. I was looking around at some blogs and one(can’t remember who) mentioned that next week May 1st-7th is #RYBSAT (Read Your BookShelf A Thon), which I figure I may as well participate in?

Honestly, I may not. I need to finish the book I started at Dewey’s and then I have to read Order of the Phoenix for book club. Plus next week I need to translate two chapters of Jonah for my Hebrew class. Basically, we’ll see. If I do it, here’s my TBR, if I don’t well, here are some books.

As you can see, I’m starting in the middle of a shelf. I want to start with The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood and go from there. The books I’ve blurred out are books I’ve already read so they don’t count for the readathon. If I do read these 4 in a week, I have more books beyond to read, but I doubt that will happen.

Is anyone else taking part in #RYBSAT? Let me know what you plan to read.


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