Dewey’s Readathon: Our Bookish Childhoods

So for this mini challenge I need to talk about 5 moments of my bookish childhood. As I’ve been reading my whole life this is going to be fun.


Yes that is a picture of my sister, my dad and myself (l to r). The us part is not as important as the BOOKSHELF IN OUR DINING ROOM. Why? You may ask, well we had bookshelves in every other room so why not.

  1. Reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz with my dad. Both of my parents took the time to read books to my sister and me. But the memory that stands out the most is sitting on the stairs to the basement (the only way to get away from my little sister) and reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz with the original illustrations. It was the time my parents took to spend just with me that placed a love of reading in my heart.
  2. Getting to read chapter books at the school library. I’ll brag, I was one of the first groups of kids to be allowed to check out chapter books in elementary school. I remember my best friend got permission at the same time so we decided to check out all of the same chapter books and read them together. The first book’s name escapes me but it was about horses and there was a rainbow on the cover. The second book was Jennifer the Jerk is Missing by Carol Gorman. I remember loving both books immensely!
  3. Shortly after being let loose on the chapter books at the school library I started diving into each series. I usually read 10 or 20 from the same series in a row. It cause my librarian so much anxiety that she told my parents that they needed to make me pick out a bigger variety of books.
  4. Reading all the 90’s series. I was in elementary school in the last half of the 90’s so Goosebumps, Babysitter Club, Animorphs, etc were all very popular reads for me. 
  5. HARRY POTTER. Done. Ok, not done. I remember reading about the books shortly after they were published in the US from a weekly in class magazine at school. I probably got the first book in the spring of 1999. It was a paperback and I read it so fast my mom had to go out and buy the second book almost immediately. I had to wait until Christmas because my dad thought the third book would make a good gift, not realizing how much I needed it right away. When the fourth book came out in June 2000 my mom was terrified of the big crowds and told me I couldn’t get the book on release day. But on that day we were in an empty bookstore and I was standing next to a TRUNK of Goblet of Fires looking at her saying “There are no crowds, Mother. All of the books are just right here.” (Yes 10 year old me was definitely that calm about it ;).

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