Dewey’s Readathon 3pm Update

Well I’ve been busy so far today here’s how its going. I got some reading done first thing this morning and then I had to go out. I signed up for the MDA Muscle Walk, which only took about an hour out of my reading day. However, I listened to my audio book on my phone on the drive there and back, so not too much time wasted. After, I returned home to breakfast, a butterbraid and some serious reading.


This is my set up outside. I don’t have an real patio furniture so I pulled out my comfy chair for sitting and the stool to prop my feet on. I read for another 2 hours out here before I decided to go inside, it’s super windy out!


Here’s my current set up. You can see my book on my wingback RECLINER. I’m about halfway through All The Bright Places. At 2 I decided to take a break to prep dinner and eat lunch. I made lunch a few nights ago, its an lemon orzo and asparagus salad. For dinner I have a Shrimp and Artichoke Barley Risotto cooking in the slow cooker. So here I write my post while eating lunch. That’s the last of my morning coffee in the mug and the giant bowl is FULL of puppy chow. I’ve got the Dewey’s website up on my computer and my audiobook waiting for me on my phone.

So far I’ve read about 220 pages and listened to an 1 1/2 of my audiobook with a total of 4 1/2 hours of reading for the day. So now I must get back! Happy Readathon!


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