Bout of Books Day 7 and Wrap Up

Pages read of Outlander – 61

Overall pages – 873 +any pages I read in We are All completely beside ourselves

Day 7 was probably the best Day 7 I’ve ever had in a readathon! I woke up and was immediately pulled to finish Outlander and I totally did before lunch! I read the last 61 pages and I was a little in shock when I realized I was actually done. Such a good book, can’t wait to start watching the show now. Yes, I realize I’m a year behind everyone else.

After lunch I just dove into the last 3 trades of Saga. I read the first two in December and I was so excited to get back into that story. It was phenomenal! Plus it was nice to get some quick reads out after working on Outlander for so long. Now I’m 5 books ahead of my reading goal for the year which gives me some padding to read some more hefty books (I have so many to choose from!).

After Saga I decided to start the illustrated Harry Potter and only got a chapter in before movie night with my friends. But I’m glad because I definitely want to savor this experience. Each page is a new surprise!

After I got home from movie night, where we watched Twilight with the riff trax, so funny, I decided to start my next novel I’ve been itching for. I’ve wanted to read We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves since I saw it on the long list for the Man Booker Prize in 2014. I’ve owned it for over a year and I decided to use this freedom of reading to catch up on some books I’ve really wanted to read but couldn’t with my long books as well. So far I’m loving it. It’s a different style than I’ve read lately, more literary contemporary, if that makes sense. Also the story telling style is unique because it starts in the middle of the story and gives you the before and after as you go. I read the first couple chapters before I drifted off to dreamland.

My overall page count with Outlander, 4 trade paperbacks and two starting books is 890 pages. Not too shabby! I’m so impressed with my reading this week and I think it was a great kick off for the new year.


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