Bout of Books Day 5 & 6

So I did ZERO reading on Friday. Zip. Nada. None.

I got off work and went straight downtown to dinner with some friends who work down there. There was a two day only Art Maze in an abandoned building, that we wanted to see so we went there after dinner. I’ll include a few pictures from that event. It was so cool! After the Art Maze we ran into a few friends at a local brewery. There was a Sock Monkey, it was a sight. Really we were wasting time because one of the restaurants downtown had a Star Wars theme night at 9 and we made plans to meet up with some other friends of ours. It was nice, they had fun drink names and we all enjoyed the drinks while listening to the movie score and being waited on by Rey, no joke.

Long story short, by the time I got home it was late, I was cold and tired. I tried to read but I realized quickly that I was just too tired and I was better off waiting until Saturday.

On Saturday, I got down to it. I read 58 pages of Outlander throughout the day, taking me to page 789, only 60 pages from the end! I read the first 40 some pages in the morning while I was lazy around my apartment. In the afternoon though I went out and was out until about 10 last night. I had offered to help a friend hang up some stuff in her apartment and then we went out for dinner and drinks with some other friends. It was a much needed time but I was so excited to get back to reading. Last night I finished off the last 20 pages before I went to bed.

I’m writing this after doing some reading already this morning, which I will write in my Day 7 post. My Sunday, Day 7, plan is to finish Outlander, read the 3 volumes of Saga and read at least the beginning of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I’m so excited!


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