Bout of Books Day 2 and 3

Well! Not how I expected the last two days to go!

On Tuesday after work I went to see Star Wars with my family (for the second time!). I was able to finish the rest of Sex Criminals Vol 2 before I left but during the movie I could feel my self getting sick. I got home around 10 but I made myself read some of Outlander before bed. I got in 19 pages before I needed to pass out.

So day 2 total was about 100 pages of Sex Criminals + 19 of Outlander = 119 pages. Not terrible, but not as many as I wanted out of Outlander.

I did finish one book so far! Whoo!

On Wednesday I was full blown SICK! I barely made it through work and when I got home my eye hurt too much to read for a while. Instead I made myself some soup and watched countless episodes of VEEP.

Finally I just told myself I had to read at least a little bit for the day, even if it wasn’t much. I ended up getting to 652 before I decided to take a cat nap which turned into my night’s sleep.

Pages read:33, ok so I’m pretty sure I read almost an hour which counts since I’ve been SICK.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring more effective reading.


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