Bout of Books Day 1

Well, I didn’t get as much done as I normally do on a Day 1. That’s not to say I didn’t read for at least an hour and I’m still pretty happy with the day.

I worked all day and didn’t have a long enough lunch to get extra reading in. So after dinner and before my Christmas party I sat on the couch and read some of Outlander. I started on page 567 or so and read to Chapter 28, page 600. Even though it was only about 30 pages, I feel so good because now I only have 250 more pages to go! I hope to read at least 50 pages a day from here on out and I’ll be done by Saturday, probably earlier.

Then I went to a Christmas party with my friends. We drank hot chocolate, ate popcorn and watched Nick Offerman stare at us while he drink whiskey. And we opened presents. It was a fun time.

I ended up at the party later than I had intended, but I still wanted to get a little more reading in so I picked up Sex Criminals Vol. 2 and got through the first issue in the bind up, so about 20 pages or so. I wanted to finish the whole thing but I was way too tired and I had stayed up too late as is.

So day 1 I read about 50 pages overall and made a good solid start. We’ll see how today goes as I’m going to see Star Wars tonight with my family which will again eat into my reading time.


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