Bout of Books Day 5 & 6

So I did ZERO reading on Friday. Zip. Nada. None. I got off work and went straight downtown to dinner with some friends who work down there. There was a two day only Art Maze in an abandoned building, that we wanted to see so we went there after dinner. I’ll include a few pictures […]

Bout of Books Day 4

Oh man, I got so much more reading done! And yes it was all in Outlander, actually I read about 5 pages of a short story collection but then I realized I was teasing myself, I really just wanted to read Outlander. OUTLANDER OUTLANDER OUTLANDER Are you sick of it yet? I was feeling much […]

Bout of Books Day 1

Well, I didn’t get as much done as I normally do on a Day 1. That’s not to say I didn’t read for at least an hour and I’m still pretty happy with the day. I worked all day and didn’t have a long enough lunch to get extra reading in. So after dinner and […]