Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon

It’s begun!

I’ve got a decent pile of books that I will be picking up today. I need to read 250 more pages in Gone with the Wind by Wednesday so you can bet I’ll be working on that today. I also have Outlander by Diana Gabaldon on my “currently reading” shelf so I hope I can work on that a bit too.

Have no fear, I have shorter books too!  I got Habibi by Craig Thompson for my birthday a week and half ago and saved it for this because if Blankets was any indication I will fly through this 672 page book quickly.  I also have the Orphan Black #1 comic from my friend’s Loot Crate that I will read and totally count.

There are a few YA books I’ve been hoarding for this weekend as well, Shadow Cabinet by Maureen Johnson and Scarlet by Marissa Meyer to name a few.  I’ve got at least 5 YA books that I can fly through pretty quickly that i just haven’t picked up yet so they are good choices too.

Best of luck to all the readers out there! I’ll be back later with an update!


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