Landline by Rainbow Rowell


It’s no secret that Rainbow Rowell’s newest book is quite anticipated.  Following the success of young adult books, Eleanor and Park and Fangirl, this adult novel is bound to get some YA readers in the adult fiction section to pick this up.  I having read Eleanor and Park have been very interested in reading more of her work.  Thankfully, I have a roommate who works in a bookstore and when an ARC of Landline showed up she recognized the author and someone I wanted to read more of and scooped up a copy for me.  As payback I promised to write a SPOILER FREE review prior to the release in July. So with only my love of E&P I jumped into this book looking forward to what it held.

The story of Landline is based around Georgie, a comedic sitcom writer, and her rocky marriage to Neil, a stay at home dad for their two young children. Georgie is being given the chance of a lifetime to show her dream show with her partner since college to be made into an actual show.  This would get Georgie off the a show that has extreme popularity, but forces her to work with terrible people writing scripts she hates, so no brainer, she wants to make this presentation great.  But it’s in a week, 2 days after Christmas and Georgie’s family have plane tickets to Omaha for the holidays to visit Neil’s parent’s.  What’s Georgie to do and how will it shake up her already rocky relationship.  Thankfully a few phone calls to Neil from their junior year of college (MAGIC PHONE) might remind Georgie why she married him in the first place.

In typical Rainbow Rowell fashion, Omaha is a highlight city in this book and her knowledge of it shows.  I don’t want to give anything away but there are some scenes that take place in the Omaha airport, and having been there myself it was nice to here an accurate description of the characters walking around. Besides the specificity of Omaha the book itself was pretty good. There are real problems in real marriages and they don’t just show up one day they happen over years until what’s broken can’t be easily fixed.  This book is proof that landline phones really are magical, although Georgie struggles a lot through her discovery of it’s powers, also there are some questionable magic in the ability for Past Neil to call to Georgie back.  But Rowell does include fun nerdy references and some from the 80s and 90s that makes this old fart (I’m 24) feel right at home.  Basically, if you like her other work and want something fun with some drama, check it out.  Landline comes out in July and I think it’s worth the read.


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